Through all our associate activities be it with other walking route websites or our planning, guiding and booking services we have developed an e-newsletter that is circulated on a relatively infrequent basis. This newsletter is not exclusive to St Cuthbert's way but covers walking on a number of long distance routes.
The newsletter is also a vehicle for receiving and publishing relevant contributions from walkers, and walkers are encouraged to submit articles, photos etc and to respond to items in the e-newsletter.
We also hope that from time to time we may be able to include special offers that businesses have identified as being available to readers of this newsletter. Such offers are provided by the businesses without any access or right to the database and are totally between the reader and the business that has provided the offer.

To have your name added to the mailing list we require you to submit an e-mail request, providing us with your name and contact details. We will then add your e-mail to our database and when sending out further e-newsletters it will be sent by "blind" e-mail to your address.

We will not forward your e-mail or contact details to any other business outside that of SCSupport Ltd.
You can ask at any time for your e-mail to be removed from the database.
By clicking on the e-mail request you are accepting the nature of the e-newsletter and the management of the e-mail database.

If you want to receive the e-newsletter click on this link then submit the e-mail. Although not essential it would be helpful to have your name and contact details added to the blank e-mail.

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